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Latest Software Versions and Firmware Versions

Do you have the latest software and firmware for your Holter units? Here are the versions you should have if you’re up to date.

Holter LX Analysis v5.4e (release date, October 2013)
LX Event v2.10 (release date, March 2012)
Keyless REMOTE v2.1 (release date, August 2013)
DR200/HE firmware v4.22 (release date, August 2012)
DR200/E firmware v1.12 (release date, May 2012)
DR181 firmware v3.05 (release date, December 2012)

Do you need to update software? Download the latest software versions here:
Holter LX Analysis: v5.4e: Download and print “Installation instructions for 5.4e,” then download “Holter LX Analysis 5.4e Download with LX Sleep option.”

LX Event v2.10

Keyless REMOTE v2.1 is a Web-based app, so it updates online. There’s nothing to download.

To find out whether you have the most recent firmware in your recorder, simply look at your recorder screen when you turn it on. If you need a firmware update, we can help!

There are two ways we can update your firmware. In the first method, you send us the card, and we will update your firmware in the lab and return the unit. For overseas accounts, this method is less practical, so we have a second method as well: We will send you a Secure Digital (SD) card that is preloaded with the firmware update. When you plug it into a recorder, the recorder recognizes that it contains a firmware update, goes into a special mode, and updates itself. When the process is complete, the SD card can be reformatted and used as a regular SD card for capturing data in our recorders. Consider it as a gift from us to you!

Contact us to learn more about updating firmware.