NorthEast Monitoring

You Asked for Budget-Friendly Data Review — You Got It!

At NorthEast Monitoring, our main concern is making sure our products have the features that help you, our customers, in your cardiology practice. That’s why many of the improvements you’ll see in our monitoring devices and software are direct responses to customer requests.

One such improvement is the new EDIT level in our Holter LX Analysis software — a feature that many customers have requested over the last few years. NEMon heard you loud and clear, and we’ve introduced Holter LX Analysis-EDIT, which joins the other four levels of functionality in Holter LX Analysis: BASIC, ENHANCED, ENHANCED PLUS, and PRO.

What is the EDIT level?

We added the EDIT level to meet our customers’ need to review patient studies that have been done by a colleague or an assistant. Using EDIT, cardiologists or their staff can access and fully review all studies in the Holter patient database, including the underlying “raw” ECG recording and the entire report, at a fraction of the cost of a full PRO station. With an EDIT license, users may now dig through the entire data of a study. They may make edits/changes to most of the information on the Patient Information screen — but they cannot make changes to any of the beat labels or scanning criteria. Those changes would, of course, require the study to be completely reanalyzed. The re-analyze function is not included within EDIT. Think of it this way: Anything that would change the categorization of a beat, statistics in the table data, or Critical Events is not allowed in EDIT.

In the event you need to make significant changes to the study, such as selecting different strips, using different analysis criteria, or reclassifying beats, you can do so using a “full” license of Holter LX Analysis at the BASIC, ENHANCED, ENHANCED PLUS, or PRO level. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to provide extra review capability to your current Holter analysis environment, consider EDIT.

Have new features that you’d like to see in our Holter LX Analysis software? Contact us by email at, or call us toll-free at 866-346-5837 option 2 or 978-461-3992.