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What Has NorthEast Monitoring Been Up to Lately?

Dining al fresco by the harbor in NICE

Dining al fresco by the harbor in Nice, France.

NEMon has been on the move! From France to Florida, our travels have taken us to some great conferences. Here is a recap on this summer’s events in case you missed out.

Our first stop was CardioSTIM in Nice, France. It’s too bad this is only held every other year because the organizers do a terrific job exposing the exhibits to the attendees throughout the conference. It’s kind of like the European equivalent of Heart Rhythm Society Meetings in the U.S. And you really can’t beat the amazing venue, great food, and spectacular scenery of Nice. Being there during the World Cup when “Les Bleus” were doing well in the round-robin rounds only added to the excitement, and the games were televised on wide screen TVs every evening “en plein air” (that means outside!).

Velo Bleu

Use the “Velo Bleu” service to travel throughout the city of Nice..

The best mode of transportation there is the blue bike, or “Velo Bleu”, which you can pick up in one spot and drop off in another once you’re done riding around. It helps you to get pretty much anywhere in the city, and if you complete your trip in less than 30 minutes, it’s free!

Our next stop was the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) in Miami Beach, Florida. The only thing better than Miami in August is Miami in February — and for the attendees that came from Latin America (80% of the visitors!), they got to escape the winter cold of the southern hemisphere for a few days in favor of warm, sandy beaches. FIME is primarily for medical distributors, representatives, and buyers in general, but a number of physicians do attend, and even some cardiologists. It was a great opportunity to connect with some channel partners from Latin America and our more “business oriented” doctor friends who use our systems.

If you don’t have products that play well in South America or if your staff cannot speak Spanish, skip the trip! And when a visitor is agonizing over whether or not to spend a few bucks on the best Holter system in the world, show them this picture. It should get you a laugh … and sometimes a purchase.

Upcoming Conferences

If you’ll be attending any of these events, we invite you to stop by the NEMon booth to meet our staff and learn about our Holter monitoring products!

ESC Congress 2014 (European Society of Cardiology) Aug. 30–Sept. 3 Barcelona, Spain NorthEast Exhibit Booth #M695
AHA Scientific Session 2014 (American Heart Association) Nov. 15–19 Chicago, Ill. NorthEast Exhibit Booth #459
Arab Health Congress 2015 Jan. 26–29, 2015 Dubai, UAE NorthEast ExhibitBooth # TBD

For a list of all shows NEMon attended or will attend in 2014, please click here.