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Why Does NEMon Send License Files via a File Transfer Service?

When you purchase LX Analysis or another software product from NorthEast Monitoring, you receive the software along with two items: a USB key that holds the software serial number and a very small license file that contains a string of 40 characters. The USB key ensures that you have a legitimate copy of the software. The license file is used along with your key to turn on certain software features, depending on the software level you have purchased.

When you first buy NEMon software, we send you the physical USB key. But once you have the key, it’s very easy to upgrade. When you upgrade your software to a new level, NEMon simply provides you with a new license file with more features turned on to activate the upgrade.

The license file is only five to ten bytes of data, and NEMon provides it as an executable (.exe) file, which makes the file much easier for you to install than if we had provided a text file. However, as an antivirus precaution, most email systems block email messages that contain attached .exe files. So NEMon has to deliver the license file using an alternative method; to do so, we use a service called magicVORTEX.

That’s why you’ll get an email message from NEMon that tells you that you have a file to download at the link provided. You just click that secure link, download the file, double-click it, and the license is installed automatically in the right location on your computer. So fast and easy, it’s like magic! It’s magicVORTEX!

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