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Looking Back at 2014 … and Ahead to 2015!

Besalu, Spain

Besalu, Spain

Summer seems a distant memory now, but it was only a couple months ago that NorthEast Monitoring took our show on the road to the ESC-2014 conference in Barcelona, Spain, in late August.

As a rule, we don’t try to sell our products at conferences in Europe. However, we made an exception on this trip since NEMon’s channel partner Allerjetics was nearby. We also brought the very talented and helpful Reyna to assist. It was a great combination, as we acquired about 10 new customers on three separate continents: Europe, Africa, and South America!

The laid-back ambiance of Spain, the distinctive modernist style of Catalonia, and the crazed architecture of Antoni Gaudi make Barcelona one of our all-time favorite destinations. One word of caution: Keep a tight hold on your wallet when strolling the sights or riding the subway in Barcelona. The city is filled with pickpockets who will rob you if you don’t pay attention. After three visits, I now count myself among their victims. Would I go back again? Absolutely, but with a little tighter grip on my wallet!

Our tech support policy: a friendly reminder

NorthEast Monitoring’s tech support department is available to help our customers whose products are under warranty or who have purchased an extended technical support plan. If your NEMon product’s warranty has expired and you need the assistance of a member of our technical support team, you will have the option to purchase support as an additional service. We are unable to provide phone or email technical support to customers who are not under warranty or have not purchased extended technical support.

If you have a support question, you may find the answer on NEMon’s Technical Support web page. This resource is available to everyone and includes many FAQs as well as links to articles, product documentation, and other information.

Upcoming events: 2014 and 2015

Want to meet NEMon staff in person and see our latest Holter products? Join us at one of these industry events.

AHA Scientific Sessions 2014 (American Heart Association) Nov. 16–18, 2015 Chicago, Illinois NorthEast Exhibit Booth #459
ACC.15 (American College of cardiology) March 14–16, 2015 San Diego, California NorthEast Exhibit Booth #2734
Heart Rhythm 2015 (Heart Rhythm Society) May 13–16, 2015 Boston, Massachusetts TBD
ISHNE 2015 (International Society of Holter and non-Invasive Electrocardiology) June 4-6, 2015 Lyon, France TBD
FIME International Medical Exposition 2015 Aug. 5–7, 2015 Miami Beach, Florida NorthEast Exhibit Booth #1112
AHA Scientific Sessions 2015 (American Heart Association) Nov. 8–10, 2015 Orlando, Florida TBD

For a complete list of upcoming events that NEMon will attend, please click here.