NorthEast Monitoring

The Good-as-New Heart

A man conferred with his cardiologist about some serious heart problems. Upon examination, the cardiologist confirmed that the man required a heart transplant. He informed his patient of this frightening news, but told him not to worry:

“Fortunately for you, sir, we have two hearts available for transplant immediately. Not only is there no waiting list for these organs, but you actually have the opportunity to choose between the two. The first is from a 23-year-old triathlete. The second is from an 80-year-old attorney. Now, my good man, I think your decision should be rather simple. But, nevertheless, which do you choose?”

“The attorney’s heart, of course.”

“You cannot be serious! You actually select the heart of an 80-year-old man versus that of a much younger man accustomed to running and biking hundreds of miles? What, may I ask, is your rationale?”

“Well,” replied the patient, “the attorney’s heart has never been used.”