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Are You Having Trouble Printing Reports?

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If you have experienced any difficulty in printing reports with the recently released LX Event v2.11, we think there is a solution.

The problem

We assume that installation of LX Event was done at the admin level. The problem is that report generation only occurs if you are logged in and using LX Event as the Windows administrator. If you are logged in as another user, report generation fails.

It seems to occur mainly in machines that have multiple logins (i.e., different people using the machine as opposed to a single-user machine) and with all Windows versions (7, 8, 10).

In the recent release of LX Event v2.11, NEMon replaced the PDF creator used in previous versions with the “nemonpdf” PDF writer. The common thread seems to be the multi-user environment.

The fix

The “fix” is to either run the “nemonpdf Registry Fix” utility on the system with the problem or make the changes directly to the registry on your own.

For a description of those changes or to obtain the “nemonpdf Registry Fix” utility, please contact