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What the Heck Is a HASP Key Anyway?

computer securityFirst it was special purpose interface boards, then it was parallel port keys, then USB keys, and now there’s talk of HASP keys. That’s progress for you!

So, what’s the deal with these newfangled HASP keys? Interestingly, the word “hasp” is a part of a physical locking system. It’s a slotted, hinged metal plate made to fasten a door or a lid. Although a lock analogy is fitting, in the modern world, the acronym HASP stands for Hardware Against Software Piracy. The USB key that NEMon now provides with its most current releases of LX Event and HE/LX (helix) Analysis is a HASP-type of key. We refer to it as a “HASP” key to distinguish it from the older USB keys. Don’t be confused, though: A HASP key still plugs into the standard USB port on your computer!

In moving to the HASP key, NEMon eliminates one potential source of licensing difficulties. The java code needed for the HASP key is now included as part of the NEMon distribution software. No longer will the license drivers be susceptible to the drip, drip, drip of java updates that try to seep through your operating system or firewall!

The HASP type key applies to the latest LX Event v2.11 software and higher, and the HE/LX (helix) Analysis v6.0 software and higher. If you wish to upgrade to either of those releases, you’ll need to obtain a HASP key and return the old style USB key under RMA. By the way, the same HASP key can license both Event and Holter software.

Contact for more information. And when you decide to “move on up” to the software licensed by the new HASP keys, provide your current key s/n and your exact shipping address.

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