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Mix-and-Match Tools from NEMon Are the Future of EKG Analysis

Doctor holding heartMany of our readers do not — yet — use the complete NEMon recorder and analysis software system. The operative word in the previous sentence is “and.” Some of our users are researchers who only want to use NEMon ambulatory recorders to capture EKG data so they can develop new and exciting algorithms and do other types of research. Some of our users are scanning service providers who have recorders of their own. They want to use a world-class analysis tool like HE/LX (helix) to do the heavy lifting analysis of the massive amounts of data that represents. These are just two examples of how some of our users use one half or the other of the entire NEMon solution. But, you ask, “What really makes that bifurcated approach possible?”

What makes this possible is the direct result of the manner in which NEMon originally developed and validated its suite of tools, recorders, and analysis software. Unlike most companies who take the shortest paths between product development and the marketplace, NEMon experts were careful to develop and license each tool independently. The system — think of it as C — is comprised of two halves, A and B. As long as A and B are validated separately — and if the interface between A and B is proven stable — one can posit that a system comprised of A plus B is a valid system. Thus, many of our customers provide their own validated parts A or B and use the complementary NEMon half to create a complete, valid system. That’s right: Provide your own part A or B, carefully test the interface, and you’re in business!

Part of what makes this approach tick is that it fits nicely into the NEMon business model. NEMon professionals can provide and license the utilities, formats, scripts, and more to make this viable. In fact, our sights are set on becoming the ubiquitous analysis tool for all Holter EKG! Why not? We already know it’s the best out there and has the longest track record, best support, as well as the best warranty and best development team in the industry. Leveraging over 40 years of experience in developing such software, the NEMon analysis paradigm of BINS, TEMPLATES, BEATS and STRIPS is already familiar to cardiac technicians all over the world. Imitation by other companies is truly the sincerest form of flattery! Our roots run very, very deep and, in this sense, NEMon is already ubiquitous.

There’s no question you can ask us about our system that we can’t answer in short order. NEMon owns or has developed all this technology. With NEMon, you can fit the right tool into your environment now and walk before you run. Start with one half — A or B — and maybe we’ll talk about the other half in the future.

Contact NEMon professionals to learn more about how your option A or B can fit with our tools. Get in touch by email at, or call us toll-free at 978-461-3992 or 866-346-5837 option 2 (U.S. and Canada).