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NEMon Representatives Attend Arab Health

NEMon staff members participated in Arab Health held, as always, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). In addition to the booth and display activities, we attended many other functions that helped us keep an eye on this rapidly developing corner of the world. For example, NEMon representatives attended a roundtable discussion and luncheon with representatives from some of the key “players” in bringing world-class health care to the UAE: representatives from a large private hospital, the head of the public hospital system in Abu Dhabi, a representative from the Health Ministry in Dubai, U.S. Department of Commerce representatives, a private sector industry representative — that would be me, Scott Winick from NEMon — and the U.S. Ambassador to the UAE.

It was an interesting discussion focusing on how to elevate care through partnerships of these entities. They’re dealing with an enormous growth rate. For example, from 1971 through 2015, data shows that the population grew from 180,000 to 40,000,000! The population is overall a young one with a median age of 19 for the indigenous population and 32 for the “non-native,” but as this youthful demographic “bulge” ages, the challenges will become staggering in the region.

The most interesting factoid that I picked up was the following: In this region, the medical sector with the largest growth rate is … health tourism.

That’s right! People travel abroad for special medical treatments unavailable or perhaps just too expensive in their countries of origin. So, why not come to Dubai for some sand, golf, R&R, and, say … a facelift?

It’s a fascinating place to visit. The modern urban architecture is stunning in scope and style. From the staggeringly tall, majestic Burj Khalifa — the tallest building in the world — to the sweeping twisted steel curves of Cayan Towers, Dubai is simply gorgeous — and still under construction.

Builders are preparing frantically for the World Expo in 2020 by constructing enormous boardwalks, canals, waterfalls, floating bridges, and sweeping pedestrian walkways. Below are some photos to give you an idea of what Dubai is like today.

Members of the “shop ‘til you drop” crowd might enjoy the endless Dubai Mall and, only a few stops away on the metro, you can ski indoors in a little Alpine Village inside the Mall of the Emirates.

Back to work: This is what we really came for. Really. Here are before and after photos of our little corner of the vast exhibit hall. For those of you who only attend to see the finished products on the show floor, have a look at the utter chaos from which it emerges.



And when it’s all over, there is the long and winding road home, made more bearable by the best airline in the world — from a survey sample of one — and flying on the Airbus A380-880. What a beautiful aircraft for long-range travel! Even 14 hours in the economy section is almost bearable, but someday traveling business or first class on this airline is on my bucket list.

Scott Winick

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