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Save a Bundle on NEMon’s Top ECG Monitoring Products!

It’s rare that you find quality cardiac diagnostic equipment at budget-friendly prices.

That’s why you can’t afford to miss this limited-time offer from NorthEast Monitoring:

Purchase a DR200/HE14-day Holter/event recorder, Holter LX Analysis-BASIC software, and LX Event software — all for $1,995, plus shipping and applicable taxes.

Here’s a sampling of the innovative features you’ll find in these products:


  • Deployable in either Event or Holter mode
  • Works with LX Analysis
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty — the industry’s best

LX Analysis-BASIC:

  • Provides user-friendly, accurate analysis
  • Outputs patient data in 4 report styles
  • Supports networking, remote satellite office transmission, and multiple languages

LX Event:

  • Gives you a flexible way to handle ECG data from an event recorder
  • Supports 3 reception modes
  • Provides error detection and correction

At just $1,995 per bundle, you can affordably add a profitable ECG diagnostic kit to your practice.

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Contact NorthEast Monitoring to buy the bundle for $1,995, plus shipping and applicable taxes, or learn more. Or call 877-276-2064.

About NorthEast Monitoring

NorthEast Monitoring provides innovative, cost-effective digital Holter and event recorders and analysis software. NEMon’s engineering team has been in the business for 40+ years — our products are designed, built, tested, and shipped directly from our headquarters in the USA. Visit our website to learn more.