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See NEMon’s Holter LX Analysis Software in Action!

Request a no-obligation demo to see for yourself how a NorthEast Monitoring ambulatory ECG (Holter or event) monitor plus Holter LX Analysis software can take your cardiac diagnostics to the next level.

NEMon Holter systems make your life easier by providing —

  • Fast, accurate data — saves precious time in your medical office
  • Critical reports in 3 formats — crunch hard ECG data quickly
  • Flexible licensing
  • Scanning service options — or manage the entire process yourself
  • Free training and 24/7 hotline support
NorthEast Monitoring products include ambulatory ECG Holter and event monitors designed to meet a variety of patient-monitoring needs. Used as standalone devices or with Holter LX Analysis software, easy-to-use NEMon Holter monitoring systems give you highly accurate, detailed data you can rely on to help you isolate or correlate your patient’s cardiac issues quickly.

image001About NorthEast Monitoring

NorthEast Monitoring provides innovative, cost-effective Holter monitoring products, including digital Holter and event recorders and analysis software. Whatever clinical setting you’re working in — from a private-practice office to a medical center’s cardiology department — NEMon offers a Holter product and level of software to meet your needs.